Swing That

Have you ever seen a superstar DJ? Well this guy has been forging and tweaking the definition for quite some time around Dublin’s club scene. Seany Bee is a multi-diagonal performer on top of his game, who is switching styles like switch blades in his sets, going from the top of disco origins and soulful house down to bass itchy hip hop and 80’s
classics. He’s got pro skills in turning them vinyl’s and doesn’t mind getting on the digital side either. If you are not down with SWING THAT @Chocolate Bar this Saturday October 22nd to check him out, you’ll probably be missing the most exciting sounds you ears have yet to experience.

Also on the warm up we got Jazz Paddy and Karlito Deeganti from YOUR LOCAL VICAR bringing us onto the journey through the sky high funky rhythms into the depths of dub with a dash of hip hop beats and a unique slick sound that has not been heard before by the citizens of our planet.


About podsaturdays

Every Saturday night with International guests and homegrown heroes. Our blog will keep you updated on our weekly listings and there will be plenty of ticket giveaways for all Pod upcoming shows. To get in touch, send an email to podsaturdays@gmail.com
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