D/R/U/G/S – Sat Oct 15th | Crawdaddy

Pod Saturdays_
Presents: D/R/U/G/S
Support: ▲▲L▲ST D∆YS OF 1984▲▲
Saturday, October 15th

Doors 11pm, Adm 8eu

Following some amazing remixes last year, for the likes of Crystal Fighters, Egyptian Hip Hop and Cymbals, this electronic duo from Manchester have been generating a veritable tsunami of interest. A successful stint at last year’s In The City festival in their home town of Manchester and a circling of a few original tracks have only served to increase the wave. Their music is a form of nostalgic, four-beat, ambient trance, that pierces the parts of the brain and is reminiscent of early Orbital.

It’s not hands-in-the-air dance on show here, as it’s aiming for a deeper part of your cerebral cortex and often builds very slowly, but once flowing the atmosphere drowns you in a euphoria not felt since you last found yourself high as a kite on, um, drugs – very, very strong drugs.

Apparently, they’re hip-hop fans who create their songs by sampling bits of their own music, which they then reassemble in the studio or onstage. “It’s kind of like remixing yourself,” they say. And yet their tracks don’t sound like neo-rave versions of Paul’s Boutique-style bricolage; they’re smoother and lusher than that, all raggedy edges polished away, with a 4/4 insistence and the kind of suavely deployed female vocals that you would indeed get on a Cafe Del Mar comp.

The buzz: “D/R/U/G/S sound pretty fantastic, a glittering electronic El Dorado, heard through a neighbour’s wall at 8am on Sunday morning, soundtracking a party that’ll never end” – OffModern.com.

What to buy: The Love/Lust 12in should be out around mid-February.

File next to: Orbital, Underworld, the Shamen, Mountain of One.

Links: myspace.com/drugsdogoodthings.


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