Lunar Disko DJs – Chocolate Bar – This Saturday

Lunar Disko DJs will play Chocolate bar this Saturday, October 8th.

Since it’s beginnings back in late 2008, Lunar Disko Records has gone from strength to strength with a string of top class E.P.’s from artists like DJ Overdose, Submersible Machines, Mark Du Mosch & Faceless Mind, amongst others. The night, (which is run by Andy Doyle & Barry Donovan) first opened in ’05 and since then, has brought us the west coast sound of Holland over to Irish shores and with it, a new appreciation and enthusiasm in these corners for such good music.

Past guests at Lunar include: Bangkok Impact, DJ TLR, The Chicago Shags (Legowelt & Orgue Electronique), Intergalactic Gary, Sneak-Thief, I-F, Francisco, DJ Beppe Loda, Egyptian Lover, David Vunk, Seutek, Mr. Pauli, Luke Eargoogle, Greg Wilson, Redshape, Dopplereffekt, Alden Tyrell, Raiders of the Lost Arp, Legowelt, The Hasbeens, Marco Passarani, Sunil Sharpe, DJ Jus-ED, TR-One, Mark DuMosch, Automatic Tasty, Neville Watson, DJ Overdose, Rude 66, Lerosa & Lil Louis.

Setting up a label to release the music was a natural step.The releases on the imprint have often reflected the policy of the club night, with a penchant for all things quality in electronic music be it Electro, House, Italo, Acid and whatever else sounds good.

Have a listen to this Lunar Retrospective


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