Ministry Of Sound 20th Anniversary Boxset

Larry Levan, David Morales, Todd Terry, Kenny Carpenter andJustin Berkmann helped shape the face of youth culture, the ultimate godfathers of house music that kickstarted a movement that has endured more than a generation. These exclusive unheard mixes from 1991 mark a celebration of two decades of Ministry Of Sound, a flagship for British youth culture that embodies the world’s most famous club, the world’s largest independent record label, and a multimedia entertainment business.

2011 is a significant milestone in Ministry of Sound’s continuing evolution marking the 20th anniversary of the South London venue opening its doors as an alcohol-free nightclub dedicated to house music on 21st September 1991. To celebrate 20 years at the forefront of modern youth culture, Ministry of Sound has announced the 20:20 Project, an extensive range of activity throughout 2011. Kicking off with a free month-long multi-media exhibition in March, the birthday continues with a 3 day party at the London venue in September and a 20 date international tour.

As you’d expect from the label that sparked the DJ mix album revolution (and today’s leading compilation provider), Ministry of Sound are celebrating their 20th anniversary with a special boxset compilation album of unheard mixes from their extensive vaults entitled ‘Live & Remastered’.

Label: Ministry Of Sound
Cat no: MOSCD271
Distribution: Various
Released: Monday October 3rd, 2011


  1. Pleasure Pump – Fantasize Me (Dub mix)
  2. Jus’ Friends – As One
  3. Ceybil – Love So Special
  4. Trilogy – Love Me Forever Or Love Me Not (The Dub Of Doom Mix)
  5. Soft House Company – What U Need
  6. Soft House Company – A Little Piano
  7. Robert Owens – I’ll Be Your Friend
  8. Sounds Of Blackness – The Pressure
  9. 4 To The Bar Feat. Alexis P. Suter – Slam Me Baby
  10. 4 To The Bar Feat. Alexis P. Suter – Slam Me Baby (X-Rated Mix)
  11. Crystal Waters – Makin’ Happy (Hurley’s Happy House Mix)
  12. Crystal Waters – Makin’ Happy (Basement Boys Happy Club Mix)
  13. Planet X – Once Upon A Dancefloor (Tony Humphries Remix)
  14. Black Sheep – Strobelite Honey (Def Mix)
  15. Richard Rogers – All I Want (Hitmans Dub)
  16. Shafty – Deep Inside (Of You) (Soul Trance Mix)
  17. Lil Louis – Club Lonely (Radically Lonely Mix)
  18. Linden C – Deep Beats Vol 1 (Cee’s Siren Dub)
  19. Gypsymen – Hear The Music (Def Club Mix)
  20. 4th Measure Men – 4 You
  21. Phuture – Rise From Your Grave (Wild Pitch Mix)
  22. Inner City – Pennies From Heaven (Reese Dream A Lot Mix)
  23. Tevin Campbell – Goodbye (Tevin’s Dub)
  24. The Daou – Surrender Yourself (Ballroom Revisited)
  25. Degrees Of Motion – Do You Want It Right Now (Scream Up Mix)
  26. Chez Damier – Can You Feel It (MK Dub)
  27. Mission Control – Outta Limits (Shelter Mix)

In the early days, the men and women at Ministry of Sound hit the record button on their DAT machine each week and captured what were not just great sets by the era’s finest DJs, but also a slice of dance music history, too. The sets you are about to hear are not recreated from archaeologists’ dust or polycarbonate moulding, but actual live recordings of five DJs at the birth of house music. The late Larry Levan, Def Mix hero David Morales, Kenny Carpenter who played at Studio 54, chart topper Todd Terry and resident and co-founder, Justin Berkmann pool classics from Crystal Waters, Robert Owens, Chez Damier, Degrees of Motion and Lil Louis, complete with special reworks that have long since been forgotten.

Ministry of Sound have taken the recordings and digitally re-mastered them for modern perfection. They tracked down the original license owners (no mean feat in itself), and licensed the tracks so the sets could be heard for the first time in nearly two decades. The results speak for themselves. In a time where these records hold more meaning than ever before and nostalgia hangs heavy in air, this is a fitting way to celebrate the coming of age of a musical movement.


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