The Midnight Phil Eoin Callers are more than just an internet phenomenon,
they are a real band that perform real music in full HD and 3D. *Not all
music may be performed live.Formed in September of 2010 they have been since honing their talents in
producing wholesome yet off beat pop music. Their live performance can
only be best described as electricity and water, if you have ever seen that
before then you know sh*ts crazy.
The media has also caught on to the Phil Eoin buzz, gaining a huge blog
presence and even page 2 news in April’s Carlow People Newspaper.
These men know how to party, and with song titles such as ‘Party For
Dogs’ and ‘Digital Lady’, to call their live show unpredictable is a huge
understatement. You need to see to believe that The Midnight Phil Eoin
Callers have the potential to change your life, musically.

Nostril Shorts started out in 2006/07. It was started off by Garry Carroll (a
Clare man) and It all began under the name Dryad’s Saddle (on youtube)
when he decided to dub over live bands (U2 is Sh*t etc.) with out of tune
instruments to make the band look shi*t playing live, all in the name of
good fun. He then moved the video to a new page (Nostril Short’s) as it had
received 2 copyright warnings over the visual side to the videos. Here, he
decided to dub over Daniel O’Donnell videos to make him sing filthy rap
tunes (DOD – Flick your Bean). He also dubbed over The Beatles – Get
Back (rooftop video) to make it look like they originally wrote Lady Gaga’s
– Telephone (The Beatles – Telephone) and this video got featured on the
front page of There are also many original music
videos on their youtube page.

They have played several gigs with the Rubberbandits in Limerick, Galway,
Dublin and Belfast. They have also played with the likes of Barry Murphy
(Aprés Match), John Moloney (Comedian UK), Patrick McDonnell (Father
Ted, Savage Eye etc.), Joe Rooney (Father Ted, Killinaskully etc.) and
Hector Ó hEochagáin (Breakfast with Hector).


Paul Gogarty (aka ‘gogsy’ or ‘GoGo’) is a former Green Party TD. He is
best remembered for using the infamous F-word in the Dail chamber during
an altercation with Emmet Stagg in December 2009. Like all Green Party
TDs, he lost his seat in the February 2011 election. Gogarty now juggles
sharing the child-minding duties of his two young children with a return
to his original career of journalism. He has written a number of articles for
publications and also offers a range of media services via Neighbourhood
Media which has
already been the subject of media attention for his quirky “Ode to a Crisp
Sandwich”. He is also currently involved in a number of broadcast media

Paul Gogarty has been interested in music, singing and writing songs
since he was a child. He busked for 10 years outside Grogan’s Pub in
Dublin’s Castle Market and played at a number of venues in his youth. His
interest in performing was resurrected following a number of TV and radio
appearances in the wake of the election where he was invited to sing a
number of original compositions.

Gogarty cites his melodic influences as coming from early 1980s New
Romantic bands such as the Human League, Culture Club, Haircut 100,
Dead or Alive, Propaganda and OMD. More recently he has developed a
liking for the Arcade Fire, Camera Obscura and Best Coast. His favourite
Irish bands are U2 and Bell X1, but says that theThe Midnight Phil Eoin
Callers are “growing” on him. Paul is also a sucker for Abba, Kylie and
Doris Day. His ambition is to eventually record an album, when he wins the
lotto. “I’ve already written over 50 songs. There should be at least 10 that
my family and friends could be forced to listen to,” he laughs.


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  1. Ger says:

    THIS IS HAPPENING! I cannot wait!

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